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Choosing the Right Weight Lifting Bar Design

Not everyone realizes there is more than one type of weight lifting bar on the market. Someone who is beginning to buy equipment for a home gym may not be sure which design is right. Here are some examples and why they should be included.

Standard Bars

Always a good choice for a beginner, this is the bar design that most people will readily identify. These bars can be used with weight benches, freestanding weight lifting, and for doing squats. The bars are partially grooved or knurled so that it’s easier to maintain a strong grip during use.

Olympic Bars

Olympic bars are designed to meet the standards used for Olympic competitions. Bars of this type are designed using steel that provides a little extra whip. It’s also easier to spin the bars while lifting. When the plan is to include front squats in the routine, this bar is the way to go.

Hex Bars

Sometimes called trap bars, the center section is shaped like a hexagon. This allows the user to take a position in the middle of the bar and become the center of gravity for the lift. Many users find that this type of bar allows them to move through a routine with less risk to the joints.

Invest in a couple of different bars and see how they work with different exercises. It won’t take long to see the results and want to add a few more bars to the mix.